First Phone With A 10 Megapixel Camera

First 10 Megapixel Camera phone

Samsung B600

Samsung disclosed the SCH-B600 during the CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany, back in 2006

The SCH-B600 takes the record as the first 10 megapixel camera with a phone built into it (or vice versa I’m not sure). The camera includes 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, auto focus and a led flash unit that performs optimally for 10 megapixel photographs, which is a first for a phone camera. A 1/2000 th of a second shutter speed.

Samsung claims it is the first camera phone to adopt an auto-focus, fill-light function to deliver higher-resolution pictures. Video can be recorded at QVGA resolutions at 15-30 frames per second.

The phone is equipped with a 2 inch, the photo-fine chromic LCD can reproduce 16 million colors, virtually any color and support for satellite digital multimedia broadcasting services and comes with a dual-face and dual-speaker system. It also includes TV-out and MP3 player functions.

The camera phone is 6mm thinner and 10g lighter than the earlier 7 megapixel camera phone (SCH-V770) and sets itself apart from its previous megapixel camera phones by combining mobile TV capability in Satellite standard.

The B600 also supports white balance, manual focus, continuous picture-taking, and interval picture-taking functions. It also supports Bluetooth which enables users to send pictures wirelessly to other mobile phones, printers or to Bluetooth headsets.

The B600 comes with a design reminiscent of a real digital camera. The front is designed as a bar-type mobile phone, while the back side is used as the digital camera. Other advanced functions in the B600 include an MP3 player, business card reader, and 128 polyphonic sounds.

Samsung B600 Presentation

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