First Harlem Shake video meme

Original Harlem Shake

What is Harlem Shake ?

Well, it’s a digital song created by American Dj and produced by Harry Rodrigues also known as Baauer on May 22, 2012 in Brooklyn , New York

The genre is Bass, Hip-hop featuring a mechanical bass line with high tempo and a voice command for the listeners

The Single did not had much success until February the second when 5 teenagers known in youtube as The Sunny Coast Skate created the first Harlem Shake video meme , with the song running in the background. 

Immediately after it appeared on the Internet there have been dozens of videos "imitating" the internet phenomenon. It is believed that this is the first video on the Internet, which has become more popular than the well-known Gangnam Style, which has maintained top position in 2012. According to the youtube data of 15 February, the total number of views was more than 120 million

The melody climbed at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and selling 262,000 units.

Watch the original Harlem Shake video

How to make one

Divide the song in two 15 second parts.

Typically, each video starts with one person, often masked, dancing the solo track for 15 seconds, surrounded by others who do not pay attention. With the change of pace there is a half a second pause and suddenly the whole crowd dancing with some crazy moves for another 15 seconds, often dressed in costumes or silly and brandishing bizarre accessories.

The difference from "Gang Style" or other viral videos, is that you don't need professional equipment. Not even know how to dance, and considering that it's an instrumental song you do not even have to do playback. You can make your own clip in any location: in the bedroom, at work, or why not underwater.

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